Left Join Labs

Custom CiviCRM development


Left Join Labs is a small software development company which helps non-profit organizations by customizing CiviCRM to better meet their needs.

Services for non-profits

  • Development of custom extensions which add features to CiviCRM
  • Bug-fixes in CiviCRM core or other extensions
  • Training for your staff to use CiviCRM effectively
  • Data migration into CiviCRM

Services for other providers

  • Sub-contracting for any of the non-profit services
  • Integration between CiviCRM and 3rd party applications
  • Technical writing to produce and publish documentation for your extension
  • Basic security auditing and pen-testing for your extension

Note that Left Join Labs does not offer CiviCRM hosting. For hosting, ongoing maintenance, and related support please see Megaphone Technology Consulting or look at the full list of CiviCRM experts.

Business model

Short term projects

Left Join Labs seeks project-based work, with clear and contained scope, that can be completed on a time scale of weeks or months.

Fixed pricing

For most projects, you will a receive a quote which guarantees one price for all of the project’s agreed-upon deliverables. This price won’t increase even if the project’s implementation requires unexpected work.

Free quotes

Before beginning a project, Left Join Labs will do the necessary research to offer you a fixed-price quote. This step will involve telephone conversations with you to clarify your needs. Then, after some brief preparation time, you’ll receive a detailed proposal for your project including its total price — all before you commit to anything.

Open source

If you need CiviCRM to do something new, chances are good that other organizations have the same need. Thus, for the sake of continuing to nourish the larger CiviCRM community, Left Join Labs will make every attempt to implement your project with logic that can be generalized to apply to other organizations as well.


Left Join Labs is currently a one-person shop run by Sean Madsen. The two are somewhat synonymous.

Sean Madsen

Hi I’m Sean. I’m passionate about using software for social justice, which is why I’ve chosen to make a career out of CiviCRM development. I’ve been using, administering, and customizing CiviCRM since 2008 when I set up CiviCRM for an awesome non-profit in Boston called Bikes Not Bombs. For seven years I was their do-all IT person and worked heavily with CiviCRM. In 2017 I shifted focus to CiviCRM development. When I’m not coding, I enjoy: mountain biking, trail running, open water swimming, rock climbing, and woodworking.



Left Join Labs regularly contributes to the core CiviCRM project with efforts focused on bug fixes, security fixes, and documentation improvements. In exchange, CiviCRM provides Left Join Labs with increased publicity and a warm fuzzy feeling.

Megaphone Technology Consulting

Megaphone Technology Consulting offers some CiviCRM hosting and implementation services that Left Join Labs does not. These two providers are separate companies, but they sometimes work together and are good friends!


Do you have a project in mind? Reach out and let’s chat!